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We understand that you have a choice for lawn care. Turf Point is a locally owned and operated lawn care service. We grew up in Dayton. We live in Dayton. Our clients live in Dayton. Do we want to get bigger? Perhaps... but we always want to be your friendly LOCAL lawn care service because we believe local has it's advantage. On this page, we'll highlight some of Dayton's biggest competitors. All we would like is for you to compare our services.

Organic Turf

Organic Turf Care

Organic Turf just sounds better but when put to the test, is it really better? Is it safer? Is it worth it. Have we been over sensitized to the idea that chemical systems can't be safe. The truth is out there...

Let's be honest about traditional lawn care fertilizers. There's no denying that they work! Chemical fertilizers must still meet stringent safety standards simply because they may ultimately end up in the water supply. So the idea that chemical fertilizeers are not safe is just plain false. We use chemical fertilizers because they are readily available, Chemical fertilizers are also more versatile, allowing applications to be customized to specific challenges and seasonal conditions. Chemical fertilizers are typically faster acting than the organic counterparts, are often less expensive and come in a variety of applications (pellets, granules, liquids, tablets, spikes and slow release).


Does that mean that the organic fertilizer is for the purist at heart or is there room for organic lawn care too? Well, because organic lawn fertilizer is "organic" it does provide organic matter essential for microorganisms and can be useful in maintaining a healthy lawn. Organic fertilizers tend to have a long slow release, have a broad range of trace minerals, won't burn your plants (due to high salt concentration), and can last longer (fewer applications).


Traditional Lawn Care Is Better For Early Spring

Organic turf care has disadvantages too. They are slow to release nutrients and so applications in cooler soil are not conducive to the release of elements. It may not be as effective in cold weather. Organic lawn care is typically more expensive , is more difficult to apply to large areas and are very difficult to apply in liquid forms (lots of clogging, skips in treatment etc). And while your pets probably won't notice the typical lawn care solutions, your dog may want to roll, dig and romp in the organc options. It has a very natural odor (VERY natural : ). Organic lawn care can also attract bugs especially if the mixtures are not fully composted.


So don't rule out organic or chemical lawn care treatments. They both have a place in your lawn care and both can produce healthy, lush, green turf. If you're dealing with a reputable lawn care company, either choice or a combination is the decision of the home owner. Very often it is just a question of price. The safety and effectiveness of each - properly applied becomes a wash.


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