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Why NOW is the Best Time to Start Lawn Care Treatments

Pre-Emergent Treatment Weed Control.

First the daffodils, then the tulips and then the dreaded dandelions... usually in that order. When you see the daffodils, you should be thinking lawn care now.

The conditions are PERFECT for weeds AND a great time to initiate a pre-emptive strike on crab-grass, dandelions and other turf weed before they take root.


The ground is wet from the rain and the snow. The lawn care treatment is a granular mix that dissolves easily in the web conditions and sinks into the ground and into the root systems.


There is no better time to lay the foundation for a phenominal, green, lush and weed free lawn than right now!


Spring lawn care treatments include pre-emergent dandelion control, weed abatement and nutrients that your lawn needs to wake up.

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