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Lawn Aeration Service


Aeration is one of the most overlook services in lawn care. Part of the reason is because it's not something that is easy to do.

You don't need to do lawn aeration often so buying the tools and spending the time to do it may not make sense. However, for us, since we can do lawn aerations for multiple customers at the same, it does make sense.

Aeration is the process of perforating the turf surface to allow moisture and nutrients to seep down into the root systems. This is most often done in the early spring when snow and ice may have compacted your lawn and wanter tends to pool and run off. It is also common to do this in the fall to prepare for the arduous winter season.

If you spend any time on a golf course, you may be familiar with the "plugs" you especially see around the greens. Why the greens? Because that's where most of the traffic is. It's also the shortest turf so there is nothing there to hold water in place until it has a chance to sink into the root systems. Aeration allows the grass on the golf course to be but very low yet it still can remain green and healthy. Even though you may not want a putting green in your front yard, you can still get the benefits of aeration to maintain a green and healthy lawn.

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